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Details of adjusting mechanism for lift chair mechanism

View: 23004/28/2022  

The lift chair mechanism is designed to transfer power from the motor to the seat adjuster for seat adjustment. The lift chair mechanism converts the rotational movement of the motor into an up-down, back-to-front movement, or an oblique backswing of the chair. Worm gear and worm mechanism are its core components, it has a large transmission ratio and good self-locking performance.

lift chair mechanism

The lift chair mechanism is mainly composed of coupling, flexible shaft, reducer and screw dry jack or gear drive mechanism. Let's look at the structure of the height adjustment mechanism and the longitudinal adjustment mechanism in the lift chair mechanism.

Height adjustment mechanism:

The height adjusting mechanism is composed of a worm shaft, worm wheel, and mandrel. When adjusting, the worm shaft is driven by the motor to drive the worm wheel to rotate, so as to ensure the spindle rotates in or out and realizes the seat rises and falls.

Vertical adjustment mechanism:

The longitudinal adjustment mechanism is composed of the worm, worm wheel, rack, guide rail, etc. . The rack is mounted on the guide rail. When adjusting, the torque of the motor is transmitted to the worm wheel by the worm, and the seat is driven to move back and forth by the rack on the guide rail.

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