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Recliner mechanism with swivel(ZH4181)

Factory price steel recliner mechanism with swivel,steel material;

black colour;

manual version;

convenient and adjustable

Factory price steel recliner mechanism with swivel

Key Feature & Benefits

1.Springs are used for locking and initial start of opening;

2.Ottoman is locked closed on both sides;

3.Two glide links blocked while the ottoman is open to eliminate unwanted motion when reclining and to eliminate rearward tipping problems;

4.Flatter links support chair;

5.Greased full race ball bearing glide joints;Effortless glide motion that does not deteriorate over the life of the mechanism;

6.All rivet joints have acetal washers to eliminate any steel-to-steel contact;No metal-to-metal noise when mechanism works;

7.Good painting, strengthen the adhesive of paint on the mechanism to prevent mechanism getting rusty;

8.Manual or power version is available;

Seat width
Standard controlHandle or toggle
Weight capacity136kgs

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