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Factors to consider when purchasing a lift chair mechanism

View: 19105/05/2022  

The seat plate of the lifting chair can be lifted or lowered to suit people of different heights for sitting or standing posture. It has a lifting positioning device and can be positioned at various heights, it's good for your eyes and your spine. The lift chair mechanism is a key part of the lift chair mechanism, and there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the lift chair mechanism.

lift chair mechanism

1. User weight and height: lift chair mechanism as a mechanical structure, load capacity is limited, but can be adjusted according to demand, generally we consider the height and weight of normal adults as a reference.

2. Braking system: the braking system is an important safety consideration, there are both electronic and mechanical, which means that the chair lift can not descend accidentally or rapidly. A lockable disconnector ensures that the chairlift is always in the correct position.

3. Supervision of the quality of the lift chair mechanism: through the lift chair mechanism quality supervision, it is helpful for law enforcement to know the quality status of the lift chair mechanism and to investigate and deal with the unqualified lift chair mechanism.

4. Regular check-up: after using the lift chair for a period of time, check with a professional to see how the lift chair mechanism is performing and in use.

We are specialized in the production of lift chair mechanism manufacturers, our novel and exquisite design of infinite automatic leisure sofa, small volume, high precision, fully synchronous, self-locking performance is good, health, motor direct drive, do not need the pipeline of air source, oil road, the electric push rod is, therefore, the ideal drive motor of electric recliner mechanism frame!

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