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How to repair the spring of the Recliner mechanism

View: 45704/21/2022  

There are many problems with the Recliner mechanism. Sometimes the spring needs to be replaced or the lever does not work. Either way, the damage can be repaired in a short time, as we have suggested.

Recliner mechanism

When you sit in a Chaise Lounge, you will experience a very relaxed body. In addition to the cushion, the spring also gives you a feeling of elasticity. Over time, the spring of the Recliner mechanism may fail. All you need to do is fix the spring. You just need the right tools and the right expertise to fix the spring.

First, turn the chaise over and turn it upside down. The Recliner mechanism has four bolts that help keep the spring in place. If you can't find them, use a flashlight. Once you find the bolts, it's time to remove them. In this case, the adjustable wrench is very convenient. Now that you have removed the bolts, it should be easy for you to remove the spring from the Recliner mechanism. Place the Chaise Lounge on the floor with the spring up. You will be able to locate the bolts that hold the pedal to the spring and remove these bolts as well. Then, place your hand on the new chaise spring and tighten it to the foot pedal, making sure the bolts are very tight. Otherwise, the spring may come off at any time, which may make you feel at a loss. Now you can flip it back to its normal position. You can also try sitting on it to test whether the Recliner mechanism works. The replaced spring must be handled in time and can not be used again.

We are specialized in the production of recliner mechanism manufacturers, our novel and exquisite design of infinite automatic leisure sofa, small volume, high precision, fully synchronous, self-locking performance is good, health, motor direct drive, do not need the pipeline of air source, oil road, the electric push rod is, therefore, the ideal drive motor of electric recliner mechanism frame!

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