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    • Recliner chair lift mechanism(ZH8057)
    • Recliner chair lift mechanism(ZH8057)
    • Recliner chair lift mechanism(ZH8057)
    • Recliner chair lift mechanism(ZH8057)
Product Detail:

1.Key Feature & Benefits

a.Using two motors to drive the mechanism, one motor works simultaneously for the footrest and lift action, the other controls the backrest alone;

b.When the mechanism does the lift action, it raises vertically to the ground and then inclines;

c.Many kinds of electrical control panels are available;

d.KD plugs between backrest and seat frame are convenient for sofa to be disassembled, installed and delivered;

e.Connection angle iron is the best choice for you to make high quality lift recliner chairs with less labor cost;

f.Max. lifting capacity is 120kgs;

Seat width
Total weight(including motor)
Standard control
Dual motors control
Lifting capacity



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A: How long will be the products' lifetime?

B: Depend on using frequency. For instance, the lifetime of lift chair mechanism is at least 5 years normally.

A: What's the warranty of your mechanism?
B: The warranty of mechanism and motor are 3 years and 2 years respectively.

A: What's your advantage?
B: We are the factory with lower price, high quality, good service and delivery on time.


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