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Medical lift chair mechanism(ZH8071A-L)

steel material;

black color;

two motors;

universal wheels;

footrest extension;

reliable and convenient

Key Feature & Benefits:

1.Using two motors to drive the mechanism, one motor works simultaneously for the footrest and lift action, the other controls the backrest alone;

2.Operation is easier and more convenient.Using the electrical control panel can realize different laying gestures;

3.The mechanism does the lift action while inclining;

4.For the width and motor switch, various specifications are available for selection;

5.KD plugs between backrest and seat frame are convenient for sofa to be disassembled, installed and delivered;

6.Equipped with universal wheels and roller system;

7.Strengthening the adhesive of paint on the mechanism to prevent getting rusty;

8.Max. lifting capacity is 136kgs;

9.Extensive footrest makes footrest longer;

Seat width
Total weight25kgs
Standard controlDual motors control
Lifting capacity136kgs


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