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Lift chair mechanism for sale(8070-L)

steel material;black colour;motor lifting;convenient and adjustable

Metal lift chair mechanism for sale

Product description

1.Using one motor to control the footrest,lift action and backrest simultaneously, making the mechanism obtain the functions of sitting, lying on backrest and lifting;

2.The mechanism does lifting and inclining functions at the same time;

3.For the width and motor switch, various specifications are available for selection;

4.KD plugs between backrest and seat frame are convenient for sofa to be disassembled, installed and delivered;

5.Max. lifting capacity is 136kgs;

6.Extensive footrest makes footrest longer;

Seat width
Total weight21.7kgs
Standard controlSingle motor control
Lifting capacity136kgs


wooden carton

wooden pallet

paper box

according to client's request



  • Q: How long will be the products' lifetime?A: Depend on using frequency. For instance, the lifetime of lift chair mechanism is at least 5 years normally.

  • Q: What's the warranty of your mechanism?A: The warranty of mechanism and motor is 3 years and 2 years respectively.

  • Q: What's your advantage?A:We are the factory with lower price, high quality, good service and delivery on time.

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