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Analyze the cause of the Recliner mechanism failure

View: 44507/13/2022  

The Recliner mechanism is operated by a lever that connects one end to the seat and the other end to an adjustment cable, which in turn pulls the front leg crossbar or torsion spring. The most common problem with the Recliner mechanism is the cable that pulls the bar. These cables are usually worn or stuck, and they can not move smoothly and can not function properly with your chair body. Other common reasons for Recliner mechanism failures are as follows:

Recliner mechanism

1. The Recliner mechanism may fail due to age.

2. Your Recliner mechanism may be missing or unused for too long due to weather conditions.

3. The Recliner mechanism can also fail if you apply a lot of weight to the armchair.

4. The Recliner mechanism can fail due to exposure to sunlight or long periods of non-use, which can happen if you live in a cold, snowy area for most of the year; if not used regularly, your Recliner mechanism will only wear out faster.

5. If you overpopulate the Recliner mechanism, the Recliner mechanism may also fail, causing it to wear out faster.

6. Another common cause of damage to the Recliner mechanism is that people forget that they have pulled out the footstool and used it as a lever to push themselves up from the chair; This can happen if you work from home or at a desk and sit in a recliner for hours on end.

7. If you overpopulate the Recliner mechanism, the Recliner mechanism may also fail, causing it to wear out faster.

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