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The most common application of the recliner mechanism

View: 402303/13/2019  

For the recliner mechanism, the first thing people think of is the recliner. Recliner is a cushioned chair that has a metal mechanism actuated by a user such that the back is pushed out and the foot pedal rises to accommodate the user's lower leg. Most recliners are armchairs, which means they include armrests. The cushioned backrest and seat make the chair a truly comfortable piece of furniture. Inclined reclining chairs or sofas are called "action" or "sports" furniture because they can move or change shape. Some of the recliners are activated by the lever pull lever, others are activated by the sitter pushing back in the chair with some force.


The main components of the recliner mechanism include a frame, a metal activation mechanism, a foam or upholstery pad, and a decorative fabric. While the materials of these components vary depending on the manufacturer and the particular style characteristics, the materials are generally as described.

The frame is made of wood, usually hardwood, because when the chair is moved from a traditional chair to a recliner, the chair is subject to great movement or weight. The frame is reinforced with metal nuts, bolts, steel horns or some type of support. Some fiber boards can be used for small frame structures or back supports. The application of the recliner mechanism has worked well on some recliners, and the popularity of the recliner has become more and more intense.

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