Why Choose our recliner mechanism
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Now the bedroom in addition to the bed, wardrobe, desk, and other basic furniture, people pay more attention to the atmosphere and comfort. For example, the TV used to be in the living room by default, but now more and more people will buy an extra one to put in the bedroom, hoping to be more comfortable in bed and enjoy the fun of watching movies. Lounge chairs are also a popular choice.

recliner mechanism

This double-motor zero-gravity electric recliner mechanismis a beautiful and compact recliner mechanism.

Recliner mechanism's maximum load-bearing capacity is 136 kg, there are manual and electric models available.

The average service life of more than 5 years, mainly depends on the usual frequency of use.Optional seat width when purchasing, suitable for different base assembly, the backrest can be at any angle of tilt range stop, so that users can easily adjust to the full lying position. Segmented product design for easier packaging and transportation.

Recliner mechanism the heavy-duty connection design, the comfortable solid angle carries on the shell design, reduces the uncomfortable feeling, safer and more comfortable.

The bracket structure is connected in parallel, which can effectively improve the weight load and durability, and is more stable and smooth in the process of expansion and contraction.

We have many years of production operation, and factory direct supply to save the price difference.There are many varieties to choose from.

High-quality production line, strict implementation of production standards.

2-3 years after-sales warranty, before-sales after no worries.

Low Price, good quality, cost-effective.

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