What are the advantages of the lift chair mechanism?
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It is very difficult for the elderly and the disabled to get up because of their physical inconveniences. It is not only inconvenient for an ordinary chair or sofa to suddenly get up, but it is also easy to cause the insufficient blood supply to the brain, and there are many potential risks, if there is a product on the market to help the elderly get up, it will certainly have great help to the daily life of the elderly. Let's talk about our lift chair mechanism today!

lift chair mechanism

Advantages of buying our lift chair mechanism:

Intelligent remote control

The lift chair mechanism can be adjusted by a remote control button, is easy to operate, free to change the angle, and easy to unlock sitting, lying and other positions is an essential choice to enjoy a comfortable life in the home!

Powerlifting base

It can help you get up and reduce the strain on your legs and knees

Can help seat, reduce the use of waist strength

Intimate and safe, more suitable for the elderly or physically inconvenient crowd

In general, the elderly, joints are not very flexible, not unlike young people to sit down easily, but also have no strength to stand up. The lift chair mechanism can help the elderly to achieve a smooth standing and sitting position.

Super load-bearing capacity

The maximum load is 136 kg

No matter what size you are, you can buy our lift chair mechanism

If you are looking for a lift chair mechanism manufacturer, Changzhou Zehui Machinery is your best bet. We will offer you the best price for high quality to help you to be more competitive than your competitors. Sincerely look forward to your presence and cooperation, and seek common development.

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