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Two forms of transmission for lift chair mechanism

View: 37704/14/2022  

The lift chair mechanism not only functions as a chair but is also part of a comfort system that is becoming more technical and difficult to maintain. To use it well, you need to understand its structure. The transmission mechanism of the lift chair mechanism can be divided into worm gear transmission, drive steel wire transmission, and so on.

lift chair mechanism

The transmission parts of the worm gear and worm transmission mode are the worm shaft, worm wheel, gear transmission, rack, etc. . When adjusting, the worm shaft rotates under the driving of the motor, drives the worm wheel to rotate, and spins the gear shaft in or out from the surface, so that the seat descends or rises. If the boiler wheel and rack mouth, worm wheel rotation so that rack movement, seat forward or backward. The lift chair mechanism is driven by three reversible motors. The lift chair mechanism is controlled by a different motor at the front and back, independently raising and lowering. A third motor controls the seat to move forward and backward.

The drive steel wire is used to connect the motor with the drive nut, the gear nut turns the carbon bolt and the adjuster on each side of the seat. When the lift chair mechanism is connected to the switch, the motor rotates, and its power is turned through the gears, driving the flexible shaft, and then driving the seat adjuster. When the regulator reaches the end of the journey, the flexible shaft stops rotating. If the motor is still rotating, its power will be absorbed by the rubber coupling to prevent the motor from being damaged by overload when the seat is stuck. When the control switch is powered off, the return spring separates the solenoid valve plunger from the claw joint and returns it to its original position.

We are specialized in the production of recliner mechanism manufacturers, our novel and exquisite design of infinite automatic leisure sofa, small volume, high precision, fully synchronous, self-locking performance is good, health, motor direct drive, do not need the pipeline of air source, oil road, the electric push rod is, therefore, the ideal drive motor of electric recliner mechanism frame!

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