Different lift chair mechanisms have different functions
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Lift chair mechanismsare like recliners, but with more features and benefits inside. The lift chair mechanism is a mechanical device with lift assistance in a shear mechanism that allows the chair to be raised so that people in need of help can stand up more easily. The chair also lets you lean back.

lift chair mechanism

There are many different styles of lift chair mechanisms on the market. Most importantly, what other key features do you need in addition to the chair lift?

Two-stage lift chair mechanism

These are the most basic lift chair mechanisms on the market. They take you from the sitting position to the lifting position. It's very simple to use. When you sit down, you can raise your feet. We found that most people want to be able to at least semi-recline, so these chairs are not as popular as the other chairs we will be discussing.

Lift chair mechanism with three gears

This type of chair allows you to not only lift it but also tilt it. The lift chair mechanism has a motor that controls the scissors mechanism, so when the chair leans back, the feet move up, and when the feet go down, the back lifts.

Infinite lift chair mechanism

The infinite lift chair mechanism has two motors that control the scissors mechanism. A motor controls the bottom of the chair. The motor can lift the chair mechanism up and down. It can also control the foot pedal. Another motor controls the backrest of the chair, which allows the backrest to lean further back. By having two electric chairs, you can keep your feet and back in the position you like.

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