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The reclining chair is stuck and needs to be checked for the Recliner mechanism

View: 17005/18/2022  

The Recliner mechanism in sofa accessories is mainly available for users to choose from a variety of pop-up control systems to achieve the best safety and comfort effects, easier and more convenient operation, and maximum bending resistance effectively improving weight load and durability. However, the springs, hinges, and joints that make up the Recliner mechanism are prone to rust, which makes it difficult to control in operation. When the reclining mechanism sags due to age or weight or gets stuck by a small object kicked under the chair, it can also cause the reclining mechanism to become stuck by preventing the reclining mechanism from moving freely.

Recliner mechanism.jpg

So the first step in diagnosing a stuck chaise lounge is to examine the Recliner mechanism. This includes turning the chair sideways and removing the floor plate protecting the Recliner mechanism. If any visible signs of rust or broken metal are clear signs of a problem, scrape off the rust, grease the hinge of the Recliner mechanism, and remove obstructions. If the mechanism works normally when the chair is placed on the side but does not work properly when the chair is upright, the problem may be due to overloading and compression springs preventing part of the mechanism from moving.

Professional Recliner mechanism manufacturers or repairmen should solve most of the problems of Recliner mechanism, need to select a good manufacturer to buy to ensure after-sales maintenance services.

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