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How to design the recliner mechanism of the electric drive?

View: 29203/31/2022  

How to design recliner mechanism electric drive? All the operation of the electric recliner mechanism frame is controlled by the built-in electric recliner mechanism frame electric drive, which is powered on and controlled by electricity. The electric recliner mechanism can control the rise and fall Angle of the back of the recliner mechanism through the down and up buttons on the button. The electric recliner mechanism frame electric driver can provide a suitable Angle for people to relax.

recliner mechanism

How to design electric recliner mechanism frame electric driver? Electric recliner mechanism frame electric driver with optional electric push rod. Electric push rod is a kind of electric drive device which transforms the motor's rotating motion into the straight reciprocating motion of the push rod. The electric push rod motor drives a pair of screw nuts after being decelerated by gears. The rotation of the motor into a linear motion, using the motor positive and negative rotation to complete the push rod action.

Such as through a variety of levers, rocker or connecting rod and other mechanisms to complete rotation, shaking and other complex actions. We are specialized in the production of recliner mechanism manufacturers, our novel and exquisite design of infinite automatic leisure sofa, small volume, high precision, fully synchronous, self-locking performance is good, health, motor direct drive, do not need the pipeline of air source, oil road, electric push rod is therefore the ideal drive motor of electric recliner mechanism frame!

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