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What are the keys to purchasing recliner mechanism

View: 21903/24/2022  

A chaise lounge provides a comfortable resting atmosphere, so pay attention to the quality of the recliner mechanism before buying a chaise lounge, as it is the core part of the Chaise Lounge and should not be affected by quality issues.

Recliner mechanism

1. Weight

The quality core of the recliner mechanism is the main frame structure, which is usually made of steel tubes. When you buy a Chaise Lounge, you can see the quality of the steel tubes. The structure of the Chaise Lounge will be firm only when the steel tubes are of good quality, the simplest method is to see the weight of the chaise lounge, heavier, that the steel pipe is solid, better quality.

2. Look at the material

In order to make the recliner mechanism achieve enough weight, some businesses will use some scrap or small pieces of pipe into the steel pipe, in order to increase the weight of the recliner mechanism, and this situation requires buyers to pay attention, if you look at the link to Recliner Mechanism, you can see that these are defective.

Recliner mechanism

3. Look at the craftsmanship

To make the recliner mechanism look even better, merchants will use a spray-on process to make the surface of the pipe harder, more resistant to wear, and more shiny. The surface of the steel pipe is easy to produce scratch, which leads to oxidation and rust, and there is no luster.

4. Look at the details

Different brands of recliner mechanism pay attention to the details of different locations, equipment and technical equipment will be different, this mainly depends on the recliner chair some details, such as whether the steel pipe is rough and Burr, "steel pipe joints" whether there are arc treatment, etc. .

Good recliner mechanism also needs a good manufacturer guarantee. Changzhou Zehui Machinery has ten years of production experience, quality assurance, and favorable price. If you want to know more, please email us at

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