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Recliner mechanism function introduction

View: 23503/17/2022  

The basic function of functional deck chair is the adjustment of posture. In addition, it can also realize the functions of turning and swinging.The traditional recliner mechanism belongs to the fixed frame. The structural frame of the recliner is made of wood or metal stainless steel balls and other materials. The shape cannot be changed. And the generation of functional deck chair changed all these, had stable riveting chain, deck chair frame just as grew joint, can move freely.

recliner mechanism

The change of the posture of the functional deck chair mainly relies on the carefully designed recliner mechanism to achieve, manual or electric can be. Iron riveted metal frame structure replaced the traditional recliner fixed frame structure, this metal frame is commonly known as iron frame. The iron frame can be moved according to the designed Angle and displacement, so as to realize the change of the whole posture of the recliner from sitting to lying down. A variety of holes are left on the iron frame to fix the wooden frame of the lounge chair.

The basic structure is similar to that of a manual recliner, except that the springs used to tighten the frame are removed, and instead electric push rods support and propel the entire frame. By adjusting the expansion of the push rod can realize the compression and extension of the iron frame, so as to adjust the posture of the deck chair. The recliner can be easily adjusted between sitting and fully flat lying position, and the user can adjust the whole recliner into a comfortable position by pressing the control switch of the push rod. Electric recliner mechanisms are mostly power-assisted. The user with difficulty of old people, action relies on the strength of oneself very hard to rise from lie posture, use assist deck chair at this moment, press switch, deck chair begins to rise automatically from lie posture, continue to incline forward certain Angle after reaching sitting posture, can assist user to rise.

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