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The advantages of lift chair mechanism products

View: 22402/21/2022  

At present the product of lift chair mechanism on the market can be divided into the fold type that pulls the back of the chair flat and the drag type that depends on slide track drags along stretch, the specific space that should expand according to its when buying makes reference. Apply from material qualitative for going up, basically give priority to with metallic bracket, attach above it is bedplate with strip solid wood, add the sponge of the mattess that contacts the body and the head of a bed part, suit cotton cloth and canvas goods are processed and become. The combination of this kind of material not only increased comfort, and cater to the modern household concept that people return to nature.

product of lift chair mechanism

1 Safety and comfort

It is designed for safety, robustness and reliability and is smooth without bumps.

2. Elastic adjustment

Three different elastics to meet the needs of sofa.

3. Light operation

The lift chair mechanism is easy to operate, using the user's weight to replace the yellow to drive the installation, yellow only lock and pop up the foot.

4. Bilateral limit

Ensure the stability of the front and back of the frame during the swing.

Step 5 Assist the foot

In the stretching state, the auxiliary foot will fill the gap between the foot and the sitting position with eye movement to ensure safety and beauty.

6. Synchronous drive bilateral lock

Synchronously extend/close the rack to ensure safe extension and close.

7. Backrest plug-in

The lift chair mechanism of the chair adopts KD backrest system, which allows the backrest to be disassembled and has anti-loose buckle design.

8. Less noise

Low noise, smooth operation, longer life.

9. Rust resistance

Iron frame electrophoresis treatment, better and more durable to prevent embroidery.

We specialize in providing you with high-quality recliner mechanism and related accessories. We support a global fast delivery service for your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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