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Characteristics of the recliner mechanism

View: 24602/14/2022  

1. The recliner mechanism is the middle bracket with reconnection resistant design and rotary lifting designDesigned for safety, robustness and reliability, the appearance is smooth and without bumps. The rotating design allows for wider and higher intermediate supports, increasing foot support and reducing discomfort.

2. The system is designed on the principle of geometric engineering.

The user can change the seat Angle at will.

3. Adopt bilateral synchronous drive device

Bilateral eccentric locking synchronous drive, bilateral synchronous effect. The driving square tube is connected with the left and right extension device to control the correctness of extension and reset. 

 frame of the recliner mechanism

4. Structural optimization design

Parallel connection design and super wide bottom frame design, achieve torsional resistance, improve weight load and durability; Achieve reliable rigidity and stability. The width of the bottom frame of the recliner mechanism is closer to the width of the seat, which is convenient to maintain a certain gap and avoid the mutual interference phenomenon that may occur during the use of the device.

5. Both ends of stability tube adopt thickening plane design

Establish a solid bilateral stability system to reduce the damage and distortion of the stability tube during use, and use thick wall pipe to increase the thickness of the contact surface.

6. Use large diameter bars

Large diameter pipe instead of the previous plate, so that the system has high strength, good stability, strong torque resistance; Adopt flat design at both ends of stable tube to improve torsion resistance.

7. Adopt durable rivet chain design

All rivet joints are bushed and gasketed to reduce noise, smooth operation and longer life.

8. Security features

The recliner mechanism has spring-loaded foot brackets to reduce clamping. When there is a foreign body clamped in the bracket, the bracket can be pulled out; Equipped with a plug and play hand controller, portable hand controller is easy to remove, to prevent children from playing. And in line with the safety of electrical appliances equipped with a fast motor motor can smoothly run a cycle time of 7 seconds; With mobile transformer to ensure safe use.

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